This is a simple how to on using this cart. Experienced cart users won’t need this how to, but for those of you who need some help, have a look, it really is very easy.

Please be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page, they are important and are enforced (I hate that word, sorry) whether you read them or not.

  1. If I have redeemed more than 1 pattern for you in your email, please be sure you add all items to your cart, then check out.

An image is featured for every single step of the cart.

This cart offers you several ways to add to the cart, one is the most popular on the actual product page.

The other is via any of the pages that show multiple patterns available, by hovering over the image, you’ll see an add to cart button. When you add the item to the cart, it will then show a “View Cart” when you hover over the same pattern again.

With this one, the only way you know it was added to the cart is via hovering over it the second time or checking the cart button in the top right of the browser.

When you do it via the product page, you’ll see where it says the item was added to the cart and you can click on the View Cart button if you are finished or just want to see your cart.

The same goes if your on any page and just want to have a look at your cart, you can hover over the Shopping Cart text in the top right section of your browser and a menu will appear giving you the option to View Your Cart, or Checking Out.

If you are in a browser where the menu doesn’t appear, you can also click on the cart,

but the other way is to look under the “My Account” on the menu, and it will also take you to your cart or checkout.

If you were going to Checkout this is an idea of what that page looks like, personally I like to View the cart prior to checking out, but if your ready to checkout, their is no reason you can’t go straight to checkout.

The checkout page and the view cart page are different, they both show you the list of your purchases, but how you add your information is different and how you add coupons is different. Below is a view cart page.

As you can see where you add the coupon is different, with this page you can also edit your purchase, remove a pattern, add to the quantity (but I’m not sure why you’d want to buy more than 1 pattern).

With the view cart page, you can just enter your coupon code and click the Apply Coupon button,

What this looks like when you have clicked the Apply coupon button on the View Cart page. You can then proceed to checkout and double check everything.

However, if your on the Checkout page…

you need to click the enter your code link at the top of the cart. when the box appear, you then add your coupon code.

Once you apply the code, it will show the “Place Order” button and you can place your order.


If you need to remove the coupon code, you can click to remove it

It will then show it has been removed, and will show your total again… You can then reapply the coupon.

Click on Place Order (if your “Total” shows as $0.00) and it will then take you to the last cart page.

If you have a total and you shouldn’t because this cart is only for getting your rewards… but if you decide to buy something, you will then click on the Proceed to Paypal button.

You can then download your files safely.

You will also receive an email receipt which will also include your download links.

This is a good option for me, because for those of you who need to redownload, or check your purchase history, you’ll now be able to do that.

Some Rules With the Coupons:

  • The coupons are checked with your email address, so when you register for the cart, make sure you use the email address I sent your coupons to you with.
  • Coupons are set for 1 use only per customer.
  • This means double check your cart items, be sure all your patterns are in your cart before you check out.
  • You have only 1 coupon code now, even tho multiple patterns may be added at the same time that you are due rewards for.  This is why you need to double check the patterns listed in your cart. I do not mind redoing a pattern coupon code, but if I have to do it more than twice, it will no longer be free, I will start charging for that service, this is part of the reason my payhip coupon codes are messed up, to many resets on coupon codes and I had no choice until they can clear my cart of the codes to find something different to do these with… I have more control with this cart, so will be using it from now on. To reset your coupon code a 3rd time will cost $5.00. This will only be enforced if the original error was not mine. (I have been known to mess up on the coupons from time to time)
  • Coupon codes always expire 2 weeks after the coupon is issued, you are given 3 downloads to get them within this time.
  • Coupons are set for the patterns you turned into me via the Flickr form. If you are missing a pattern please email me so I can re-check. All emails are archived via gmail, so it’s not hard to find the email if it was received by gmail.

This cart is no different from any other cart on the web, I’ve chosen to go this route because I won’t have to deal with the issues I was having with paypal. It also makes is much easier for me to find previous purchases, reset downloads and create coupons. I will also be able to get them done quicker as they are at my own site now.